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The In Crowd

May 6, 2008

It’s been a tough two weeks around my crib. Internet is acting a fool…or some related apparatus is. Whichever the case, my access to the WWW has been limited and unpredictable. I feel like one of my Constitutional rights is being violated here. I’m not sure how the Founding Fathers would have anticipated the Web, though.

At any rate, I feel like I’ve relegated to the Dark Ages. As far as I’m concerned, the Earth is flat; and the epicenter of the universe. That’s how I feel about music right now. Being that I refuse to listen to the radio, the internet has, for several years now, been my primary source for reading about and listening to new music. I DID actually try to listen to the radio today while I drove to a meeting…I made it through about 17 seconds of what I presume was a Lil’ Wayne song featuring some up-and-coming crooner who I don’t know about.

I don’t know where to start. I’ve spun through my ATCQ discography this week. I still maintain that Erykah’s New Amerykah is the hottest album of 2008. Max Kelleman of ESPNRadio (one of my other brief radio stops today) talked about Mobb Deep as “Shook Ones” played in the background. Him and whichever guy hangs in the studio with him curtly discussed what one has to do to be an “official Queens Bridge murderer.” Good question Max.

Okay. So new music. I just purchased Kidz in the Hall’s The In Crowd. I’ve yet to listened to it. Based on their first album, School Was My Hustle, and the two “mixtapes” that hit the internet, I’m looking forward to getting into this. Re School Was My Hustle – honestly, while I like it, only a portion of the album has any replay value for me. I’m hoping their second offering shows some learning/growth from their debut. I think Double-O has it in him to be a GREAT producer. Anyone who has copped it, thoughts?

CLE @ BOS. I’m out.

Peace and happy listening. Here’s to me sorting this internet out.

NOTE: I was just reminded that Al Green’s Lay It Down drops this month!

UPDATE, 05/08 – “The Black Out” is bangin’ inside my ear drum right now.


More “More Nostalgic Videos”

January 31, 2008

Mobb Deep – “Shook Ones Pt. II,” 1995

In addition to being one of my favorite songs since 1995, this video has several indicators of how sick this track/video is:

a) that car (although it looks like it could be a Mercedes)
b) Prodigy goes to make a call at a pay phone
c) that video could be made with a cell phone nowadays

Seriously, shortly after that album came out, up through the release of Hell On Earth (1999), I thought Prodigy was on his way to being one of the better known story tellers in hip hop. All his rhymes on The Infamous were on point, had depth, and were multisyllabic. You could really pick any track on that album and both he and Havoc (boards and lyrically) are tight. Randomly, I choose “Temperature’s Rising;” my mind drifts back to my Ford Escort, as I wait in a line of traffic leaving high school. “Right Back At You,” dope verses from Rae, Ghost, & Big Noyd; and who could forget Nas and Rae on “Eye for An Eye.”

In hindsight, it makes it even more difficult to listen to Prodigy’s rhymes these days. Multisyllabic they were, I swear – have a listen for yourself.