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July 16, 2008

I’m relaxing and listening to Jackson Conti’s Sujinho. I dig this.

And it reminded that once upon a time, I typed words, which reflected brief thoughts on Sujinho; I vaguely recall taking those words and through some miracle of modern science, posting them on the internet. I assume once they’re there, they belong to history, much like Honest Abe.

I really haven’t forgot about Trading Tapes; nor do I think Kyle has. It’s summer. What more can I say? I know lots of music has bounced between my ears since school ended and summer commenced. I did get into Dwele’s Sketches of a Man. It’s dope, if you haven’t copped it. “If You Want To” & “Vain” are currently my Dwele d’jour.

Summer’s a tough time to be sitting and blogging.

I’ll be around. Thinking of a post for Shawn Jackson’s First of All…, or maybe N*E*R*D or Dwele.

To be continued…

In the mean time…holla!