Tanya Morgan is a rap group


I really enjoy perusing hip hop blogs to see what everyone is listening to; who likes that album, track, beat, emcee, etc. Since the Tanya Morgan/DJ Soul mixtape, Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group, has hit the web, I’ve been surprised at the little I’ve read on it. I’m still spinnin’ New Ameryah, and of late, have been going through my De La discography; but Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group has really been a speaker hog. Their full length, Moonlighting, was certainly in my top 5 of 2006. And, while this mixtape is an amalgam of sorts, representing old TM, random tracks/cameos, and presumably some tastes of TM to come, I think it’s one of the better listens out right now. I know I don’t live in a vacuum – hence, my suprise at the little blog space I’ve found sharing thoughts on TM. I’ve read quite a bit on Guilty and eMC (since the latter’s official release, even more so). I’ve had two questions:

First, is Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group kind of overlooked because it is a mixtape, and not an “official” release? I can see this happening (or, are listens too wrapped up in Ode and The Show to notice?) I tend to categorize mixtapes differently than LPs; but, I think TMRP is just that dope! Secondly, are people turned off of TM because they’re seen as “hipsters?” I never thought about this, but I have seen some bloggers express that they’re turned off by the “hipster movement.” I was 10 when 3 Feet High & Rising came out, so I wasn’t privy to real-time discussions on that album; But, as afterthoughts years later, I do recall a similar critique of De La Soul. De La responded by titling their sophomore release, De La Soul is Dead, as a humorous answer to the hype around 3 Feet. Hence, I guess this contemplation has spawned a other questions:

Is there a “hipster movement?” If so, does it have a definitive shelf life? If TM are hipsters, who joints them in their movement? (they need allies, no?) Are they trying to take over the world? Or are they trying to save the world? Are they entwined in a rivalry? Perhaps hipsters are affiliated with backpackers? How do hipsters feel about the rising gas prices? Do they not rhyme about watches and cars because they can’t afford them? Will they have their own video game? Who would play Von Pea in a movie? Just because Illyas got locks, does it mean he’s Jamaican? Who’s more likely to back their movement: Obama or Hillary?

I know, I’ve given you a lot to consider. It will help you if you put your Tanya Morgan playlist on; be sure to include any Von Pea you can get.



2 Responses to “Tanya Morgan is a rap group”

  1. Spring Mix « Trading Tapes Says:

    […] Tanya Morgan – “Waiting for You,” Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group – Soulful production. Entertaining tale. Ilyas continues to come up […]

  2. rap Says:

    no bad…

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