Getting Riches…


About two months ago, I had the following to say about Guilty Simpson’s “Getting B***ches”:

“Getting B*****” is one of the last highlights from this offering. I must admit that Denaun Porter has become one of my favorite producers in the last six months or so. His beats are so crisp and loud, yet manage retain the critical amount of grime that keeps them street-worthy. His works also possess a soulful quality that is hard to describe–though it is undoubtedly aided by Mr. Porter’s unique, falsetto singing voice that finds its way onto his tracks. Guilty is dope here. This beat provides the busy, noisy, and dirty playground that Guilty Simpson needs…

Two months later, this is still one of my favorite tracks off an otherwise underwhelming LP. I’ll say it again: I think it captures Guilty and Mr. Porter at their respective best. Denaun Porter is one of the dopest in the game right now. I had thought that this track would make a good single, and it still might; but it wasn’t on the first 12″ ; however, they did release a video for “Getting B***ches” last week. Peep it:


2 Responses to “Getting Riches…”

  1. Clyde S. Says:

    yea it was the first 12″. get bitches b/w get riches — came out around new years if i remember correctly. seems like the obvious choice.

    second single is “ode to the ghetto” which is a cool song, but to me an odd choice. i would have gone with “run”

  2. Peter Squire Says:

    Not that the Source is relevant, but, they give Guilty 4 mics:

    Just sayin’ is all.

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