I know, it’s been a while. I’m still bumpin’ New Amerykah and The Adventures of Seymour Liberty – always important, for me at least, when an album still has spins after the first few weeks. Usually, when I get an album I’m diggin’, I’ll play the crap out of it for a week or two; then, via natural selection, the album will get sorted into the proper hierarchy. For example, Mobb Deep’s Infamous received hella spins when I first got it…and it has pretty strong replay value to this day. Similarly, Common’s Like Water For Chocolate still has spinning influence, or spinfluence, 8 years later (or 7.5 years); compare this with Com’s follow-up, Electric Circus, which I gave plenty of spins when I first got it – now, usually I’ll pick-and-play tracks intermittently.

Market experts predict that EB’s NA will have strong spinfluence – I’m still bumpin’ “Me,” “The Hump,” and “Soldier on the regular. Similar with Coultrain’s ASL (album’s tempo and arrangement reminds me of Dwele’s Some Kinda…)

When I posted my big review of Erykah’s New Amerykah, I think I may have overestimated the commercial appeal. Perhaps it’s the influence of reading others’ reviews, but I think this album may be too layered for commercial staying power. Listen, Erykah’s no Nitchze, but some may not be patient enough to listen to Erykah’s stream of consciousness, dream-like flow. I was glad to see New Amerykah in the top 10 (debuted and peaked at #2; currently #6) after her first week nonetheless. I tend try not to measure an album by sales, but naturally, I support artists I like getting paid.

In addition to the previously noted, I’ve also been bumpin’ my BDP discography. Big ups to hiphopisread for his sample-related posts; listening to BDP is very similar – is KRS-ONE the most cited emcee in hip hop? Or Rakim? Anyone do that research? “Stop the Violence” off By All Means Necessary is where it’s at – relevant 20 years later. And how contemporary does “Necessary” sound? Relativism and racism under the scope; “Yeah, I’m making some money; he’s making some money/but none of these are necessity/what I find to be a necessity is/controlling a positive destiny.”

And finally, I just grabbed the new Tanya Morgan mixtape, Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group, here. I’m a big Tanya Morgan & Von Pea guy so I’m pretty excited to peep this. Anyone check it yet? Thoughts?



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