Revisiting Guilty


In January, I had this to say from leaked bits of Guilty’s Ode to the Ghetto (Stonesthrow, due out 03/25):

Lyrically, I think a Guilty album is what I need to get into his style. Thus far, he’s been a cameo guy who has impressed me at times…

It’s tough to think how Guilty will be on an entire album after mainly knowing him from verse to verse. It was very similar to Percee P – the guy went 20 or so years with random tracks and a number of cameos, and then boom, has entire album. I think it worked, although I think his potency waned as the album progressed. Guilty certainly has Percee’s grit; does he have anything else? I’m interested to see if Guilty’s rhymes/style have LP endurance.

It’s been a month, and we still have another month before Ode sees its official release, but I’m starting to see more and more “previews” on the net. I suppose it’s not surprising that the sentiments have varied. I’ve read some pretty impressive thoughts on it, and others that feel Stonesthrow has dropped the ball on this project. The world of the blogs.

The good news. You may attribute it to the axiom – familiarity breeds content – but I’ve remained warm to most of the production on Ode. But, even this has a glass-half-empty interpretation, I suppose. I think of it this way: when I first saw the production credits, I straightened my glasses and let out an “ooh wee.” But at best, from book end to book end, Ode to the Ghetto’s production is just as I felt, warm. With Dilla, Madlib, and Black Milk, it should be hot; that’s what the “ooh wee” anticipated at least. Some of my favorites include: “American Dream,” “She Won’t Stay At Home,” and “My Moment.” I agree with Kyle Re. “Kinda Live” too. I alluded to it in January: “Lately, it seems to me that Madlib’s beats are becoming a bit more formulaic,” and to a certain degree, I think that extends to most of Ode. I give the production a B-.

The not bad, but not good news. I asked myself how Guilty’s cameo grit would pulse throughout an entire album (see above). Lyrically, I get the impression that Guilty isn’t comfortable when changing roles, e.g. going from grit to for ladies. Listen, most of the cameos or random solo joints he’s had over the past 4 years, I’ve loved. When given a knockin’ drumline, he can sting like bee with the best, e.g. “My Moment” & “Footwork”; but I don’t think he can float like a butterfly, e.g. “I Must Love You,” which beat I really like, but Guilty comes off flat (imo). Over the course of an entire album, Guilty doesn’t provide (me with) enough fire, and he melts when not over a bangin’ beat.

On the one hand, part of me doesn’t want to come off as a finicky blogger who unnecessarily breaks an album down, kind of like token sex or violence in a movie. The other part of me thinks that if it’s striking me as such, I should speak my mind. After all, that’s why I blog. I commented to Kyle when he made his original “review” of Ode to the Ghetto that he shared much of what I thought, while I lacked the cojones to say it. So be it. I’m not afraid to concede that.

Ode to the Ghetto is still going to have its place in my Stonesthrow discog. It just won’t be up with Champion Sound, Charizma & PB Wolf’s Big Shots, Madvillainy or the UNQ albums; it’ll fit nicely with MED, Roc C, and Wildchild.


2 Responses to “Revisiting Guilty”

  1. BEAT JUNKIE Says:

    I don’t think it’s a classic myself, but I’m glad you posted this. I felt like your post back in January was a bit of over-the-top bullshit if you don’t mind me saying so. Trashing an album so hard 2 months before it even gets released doesnt seems like something coming from a close-minded hip-hop HATER. Sorry, just my perception.

    Some of my favorite albums took me a few weeks to really get into.

    I’ve gotten to like the Guilty Simpson album more myself, but still haven’t heard the retail version!

  2. Peter Squire Says:

    “I don’t think it’s a classic myself” – I haven’t read anything contrary to this

    “I felt like your post back in January was a bit of over-the-top bullshit” – I’m not sure whose Jan. post you’re referring to (mine or K’s), but I agree with your point. I’m sure I’m not alone, but it’s always fun breaking an album down when one first gets it, but the perception of the album can change drastically over a month. In Jan., I was really thinking speculatively, e.g. wondering how Guilty would be over an entire album. I think Ode gives us a good sample and well…

    Thanks for checkin’ the blog out and good look…

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