Breaking News: Erykah’s Amerykah


Check it. I have a few moments here – but will try and get a lengthier post up later – to follow a scoop on Erykah Badu’s new LP, New Amerykah, Part 1: 4th World War. Word on the street is that it has indeed hit the interweb. Dead ends are abound. But, I HAVE been able to check a few tracks, in addition to “The Healer” & “Honey,” the latter of which has grown on me. So, I’m bumpin’ “Soldier” right now, produced by Karriem Riggins. Heat. Got Erykah on some positive thought of mind – strong, measured drums, floating flute (?) – Riggins punctuating the track with his “Yeah,” “Ha,” & variations of “Ugh;” I listened for a “Let’s Go,” but alas, there is none. Erykah’s got a movement in mind for this: “We goin’ keep marchin’ on, until you hear that freedom song/and if you think about turnin’ back, I got that shotgun on your back…everyone knows what this songs about…” I’m feelin’ this for sure. And it also reminds me that Riggins is on Stonesthrow. Just a bit a foreshadowing.


2 Responses to “Breaking News: Erykah’s Amerykah”

  1. linkel Says:

    you fuckin’ called it on this one, “healer” and “soldier” take the cake on this one….never been a big Badu follower…however, this album is truly on some next shit

  2. Peter Squire Says:

    Word up. This album is on some next shit…but somehow, she makes this seem naturally with each release. how ill is “The Hump?”

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