More “More Nostalgic Videos”


Mobb Deep – “Shook Ones Pt. II,” 1995

In addition to being one of my favorite songs since 1995, this video has several indicators of how sick this track/video is:

a) that car (although it looks like it could be a Mercedes)
b) Prodigy goes to make a call at a pay phone
c) that video could be made with a cell phone nowadays

Seriously, shortly after that album came out, up through the release of Hell On Earth (1999), I thought Prodigy was on his way to being one of the better known story tellers in hip hop. All his rhymes on The Infamous were on point, had depth, and were multisyllabic. You could really pick any track on that album and both he and Havoc (boards and lyrically) are tight. Randomly, I choose “Temperature’s Rising;” my mind drifts back to my Ford Escort, as I wait in a line of traffic leaving high school. “Right Back At You,” dope verses from Rae, Ghost, & Big Noyd; and who could forget Nas and Rae on “Eye for An Eye.”

In hindsight, it makes it even more difficult to listen to Prodigy’s rhymes these days. Multisyllabic they were, I swear – have a listen for yourself.


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