Kyle beats me to it…


Pete and I have talked about this 9th Wonder track being a bit bland; but this video made me forget all that, and just enjoy the music. Couldn’t have said in any better, unless you substitute “Kyle” for “Pete.”

I saw this video last night, but the quality was poor, so I gave up half way through it. I finally saw it in its entirety not more than an hour ago. The throwback ambiance certainly adds to the track – and all of a sudden this 9th Wonder beat is alive and well. Originally, when I was moved to post after seeing this video, it was in response to her rendering of the Ohio Players’ Honey cover (1975)…Erykah looks great. I know Ohio Players were renowned for their “racy” album covers, but Honey is my favorite of theirs. However, I’ve discovered tonight that the full cover has been hidden. To the right, you see the Honey cover we’ve all known and respected. However, here is a fuller image; I assume this is the pull out cover unfolded. In the words of Inspector Gadget, “Wowzer!”

I also love the De La cover rendition; and the nod to Andre’s “Hey Ya” is pretty slick. As per, that song featured in that interlude is NOT expected to appear on Amerykah. Harumph.


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