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Piggy-backing on the inclusion of Masekela’s “Grazing in the Grass” on my Morning Cuppa Go, I came upon this write up on “Grazing in the Grass” over at …And It’s Still All Good. Add in Stevie Wonder’s cover, and we’re starting to get a fuller picture here.

Also, check this interview with Damu the Fudgemunk from FROM DA BRICKS; if you haven’t checked Y Society’s Travel at Your Own Pace (alternatively, here) yet, make sure you do that – some really excellent beats on there, e.g. “Hole in Your Pocket” (great bassline), and the classic sounding, “This is an Introduction.” I also learned that Damu has done some work with Panacea (mainly as DJ), and I guess is kind of like the Jerobi White of the group. I actually found this interview at the perfect time: I’ve been listening to Damu’s instrumental, Spare Time.


One Response to “Browsing the blogs…”

  1. Dan Love Says:


    Thanks for hipping people to the interview. Nice work over here, I’ll get you linked up.



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