Time Machine: Lightheaded’s “Pure Thoughts” (2002)


An album I was introduced to when backtracking through Ohmega Watts’s discography once I heard and became enamored with his 2005 debut, The Find, Lightheaded (Braille, Ohmega Watts, Othello (on the mics) and Canadian producer, Munshine) collectively debuted with the Pure Thoughts, a care-free, thoughtful throwback to the West Coast pace – laid-back. To my dismay at the time, Ohmega doesn’t contribute to the production, but Munshine provides a familiar, soulfunk backdrop which embraces like a hug. It’s easy to get comfortable with his sound – he uses some choice samples, including the same sample Kanye used for Common’s “Start the Show,” yeah, those steel drums, for “Blink of an Eye.” He also uses a sample ATCQ used on “PT Cruise,” along with, 9th Wonder/Joe Scudda’s “Just Don’t Speak,” from 9th’s Dream Merchant Vol. 1. Production stays within convention, but familiarity breeds content, no?

Content of Pure Thoughts is light, and in line with other West Coast acts, e.g. Del, The Pharcyde, Alkaholiks: fun, heartening at times, and aligned with aforementioned Lefties, care-free. Ohmega and the crew only lightly press on themes more obvious on recent releases, e.g. Watts Happening, but perpetuate a subtle sense of hip-hop integrity. You won’t find any machismo-laden lyrics here. The feeling is all about collective restoration, not uplifting oneself by downgrading others. “Completion,” for example, features Lightheaded pondering the meaning of life over a pleasant keyboard-backed beat. “Lightheaded Anthem” feels good and works as a great track to bump on your commute to work/school/dentist/christmas shopping…anywhere you need a pep talk. Lightheaded, in this case, is an appropriate adjective to describe these 3 emcees and 1 producer. Pure Thoughts is a fast-paced, uplifting listen that won’t have your head clogged with any fillers or downers.


One Response to “Time Machine: Lightheaded’s “Pure Thoughts” (2002)”

  1. bigsto Says:

    I like this blog and your willingness accept different types of hip hop since you like Ohmega Watts I’ll assume you’ll like my blog and podcast.

    Oh…if you like Ohmega Watts the track “Triple Double” features Theory Hazit if u like his style u need (yes I said need) to get Theory Hazit’s Lord Fire produced by Vintage. It’s my 2nd favorite album of all time (Ohmega Watts’ The Find being the 1st)!

    -God Bless

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