Initial thoughts…Esoteric’s “Egoclapper” (2007)


I just got my hands on Eso’s “debut,” Egoclapper, which came out in October. Just a few brief thoughts as I’ve made my way through the album. On the production tip, Egoclapper is inundated with samples, from a variety of media sources – very reminiscent of MF Doom’s Operation Doomsday. Cartoons, movies, music are represented in the mix, some tinged with subtlety, others playing a dominant role in the track. There are also news-related samples, including sports nods (to Boston of course): “Good defense from McHale,” on “Frank Miller Tank Killer.” The dusty sound, soul samples, and reliance on horns & drums all further the parallel to Operation Doomsday in my mind – e.g. the doomsdayesque sound to “Really Gly,” or comic book stylings on “Spidey Jail Break,” which also features a foreboding, synthy horn loop; they also work as a nod to the late 80’s-early 90’s hip hop sound.

I need to listen to the album to get into Esoteric’s lyrical concepts. Really, the similarities to Doom’s OD is what immediately came to mind almost immediately, and what moved me to throw something up on TT. I love OD and likewise, am feelin’ the depth that the busy production of Egoclapper creates.


One Response to “Initial thoughts…Esoteric’s “Egoclapper” (2007)”

  1. eric Says:

    Hey kyle,

    How did you get your Last fm box planted on your homepage? Me, being worpress as well…..I’ve not been able to do that, could you please help me out?


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