RE: Cassette-Oriented Nostalgia


Kyle, great look throwing that up…that sh*t is crazy nostalgia…even those bubble jackets remind me of the cats who used to play ball with us. How the hell did they play basketball with those things on? And hats…who plays in baseball hats? Always messed my J up…

My favorite joint off Illmatic is “The World Is Yours.” That piano is so 1994 it’s ridiculous. I swear man, I can close my eyes with that track on and I’m right back at Luap Snaj’s playing video games…


One Response to “RE: Cassette-Oriented Nostalgia”

  1. Peter Squire Says:

    good to see you back…your post has sparked Nas’ discog (sans “Stillmatc”) bumpin’ all day…how sick is “I Gave You Power” from “It Was Written?”

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