RE Reaching Outside the Box…


I’ve been looking forward to an “official” J’Davey project for a minute now – there’s actually a “mixtape” that was available a month or so ago, Land of the Lost; I thought it was available for download on their myspace (or from Fader Magazine), but I can’t find it. You’re on your own to locate it, but I definitely recommend it. I don’t think Jack Davey has a great voice. But I really like her mic disposition and willingness (or natural inclination) to be “experimental;” very attractive quality, artistically speaking. (see “Lalaland” on aforementioned mixtape). I can see the connection Kyle made between J’Davey and Steve Spacek’s sound – spacey, synthy, Prince-y. I tend to compartmentalize J’Davey with Sa-Ra and Platinum Pied Pipers – all are on level just beyond our holy ozone.

Kyle, where did you find Steve Spacek’s mug shot?


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