Why the Soul Music Drought In ’07?


After getting finished listening to Ohmega Watts’ newest offering, Watts Happening, I continue to be flabbergasted by the quality hip-hop that we’ve heard in 2007–and we’re only three quarters of the way in, with LPs from Jay-Z (curious) and The Roots (egh…) on the way.

This is surely something to appreciate, but at the same time, I can’t think of a good R&B/Soul album that has dropped this year. I put this out there to get the brain-trust thinking: am I overlooking someone?

I’m an admitted will.i.am stan right now, and I’m really feeling his newest LP, Songs About Girls. But I refuse to put a producer who really ain’t a singer in this list–especially if he is only making the list by default. That album is fresh, in my opinion; but I’d like some more choices.



5 Responses to “Why the Soul Music Drought In ’07?”

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  2. Ivan Says:

    Jill Scott & Angie Stone are getting plenty of heavy rotation over at my crib.
    But otherwise, yeah, it was a slow soul year…

  3. Peter Squire Says:

    never really got into any Angie Stone album, I’ve tried…I have the new Jill Scott, but haven’t listened to it yet…too much good hip hip, I can’t focus on it…

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