Dem Damb Jacksons & September 18th


Two thoughts firing between my synapses:

1) Be sure to head over to Rappers I Know and peep Dem Damb Jacksons (Oh No & Kay) with some The ARE. Peruse the site and you can grab a handful of tracks…love the MJ sampling. More on this later.

2) Besides being my brother’s birthday on September 18th, it’s also a Tuesday. As has been well documented right here on this very blog, albums come out on Tuesday. Now, while my brother can certainly not be confused for a fan of hip hop (although he did borrow, enjoy, and subsequently lose my It Was Written), he can sit proudly around any hip hop table knowing that Percee P’s Perseverance is dropping that day. I’ve slowly, and quite mysteriously I assure you, been getting track-by-track glimpses of the album and am looking forward to this…more so than I was/am for today’s album releases. (Has a winner been announced yet?)

A few Madlib beats have been heard before through various releases, but he really provides Percee with some killer beats. Perseverance is chock-a-block of old “jazz singer” samples, dirty guitar riffs, horns, and horns, and some crazy drums! (Don’t forget about the video game sample – anyone identify that game yet…I had guessed Contra). This album sounds like it could be a beat fiends dream, but those looking for a lyricist are going to be just as enamored with Percee P. I know it’s a very general, or superficial, “preview” but more will be sure to come when the album is released.


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