Congrats to Common…


While I was away, Finding Forever found itself #1 on the US Billboard 200! I wonder how much of that was influenced by the huge success of BE; still glad to see it up there.

I tell you one thing, I was itching to hear that album upon my return. “Start The Show” been on my mind’s ear on the regular. I still listen to “I Want You” with indifference, however.

I’ve also had time to read some other reviews now that the albums been out for a few weeks. I haven’t really read anything too surprising – interesting how most reviews seem warm in temperature but all conclude that it’s a dope album. Kyle made a great point regarding its sequencing that definitely works for me, although I didn’t realize it until he mentioned it: the juxtaposition between bangers and more laid-back joints definitely gives the albums sound a distinctive shape; overall, the bangers are minimal, but the sonically, you can hear the change as the album progresses. As Kyle said, you’re kind of lulled by “U, Black Maybe,” then “The Game” hits hard.

I’m currently bumpin’ the itunes (& UK) bonus track, “Play Your Cards Right,” with Bilal. I love the original track, “Under The Street Light” by Joe Bataan, who has made an appearance on TT. In addition to that horn sample, you know Karriem Riggins had to throw that Detroit bang into it.


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