Common & Patrice Rushen & Joe Henderson


  My roomie from college is a jazz man. And as such, he’s been a valuable source of information over the previous few years as I’ve delved deeper into that genre (Went to my first jazz show with him in 1998, Joshua Redman…also went with his then girlfriend and future wife). Anyway, a while back, maybe in 2004, John put me onto Joe Henderson, whose Page One as become one of my favorite albums (“Out Of The Night” is ridiculous).

Fastforward to the other day – I get back from a trip and instead of unpacking, I get caught in one of my zones where I need to research an individual’s discography, including random contributions credited to him or her. Joe Henderson was my target. (I couldn’t get “Blue Bossa” out of my head on the return trip). Lo & behold, my trek some how brought up a familar name: Patrice Rushen. Now honestly, the only thing I really know about her is she is an R&B singer/songwriter, whose credits include 1982’s “Remind Me,” which Ynot sampled for Common’s 1997, “Reminding Me (Of Self).” With me so far?

To my surprise, it turns out that Patrice Rushen broke into the music industry as a jazz musician, handling the piano and keyboards; she put out three albums (all on Prestige) as leader before breaking into R&B/Soul with Elektra.

The tie with Joe Henderson, you may have guessed, is that he was on saxophone for her debut album, Preclusion, in 1974. I’ve yet to get into the album but I’m pretty excited to hear it.


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