Found “Finding Forever” & Stevie


I’d be remissed to let this week pass without dedicating a few thoughts to Common’s Finding Forever, or as I conceptualize it, “Be, the extended version.” (I don’t mean that in a derogatory manner). Really, after listening to this several times through (the beauty of a brief album), it flows from the sound of Be nearly seamlessly. In reading the thoughts of other bloggers, some have intimated that Finding Forever contains throwaway joints from Be; I assume they mean that with a deprecating tinge. I wouldn’t go that far.

The things I love about Finding Forever:

First, I love Common’s optimism. This seems to be a characteristic that’s always been thumping in his chest, but really took off on Like Water For Chocolate – at least in the sense that it was readily tangible to his listeners. Again, I love his optimism. Not only for his perpetuation of love between people, respect for women and children; but also how he lets that conspiculously shine through his music. Secondly, I love Pops. Damn, Pops is always droppin’ knowledge.

I really like “Start the Show.” Are those steal drums?

I love “Break My Heart.” Admittedly, I think “And your clothes are tight, but you don’t seem gay/I said nah, that’s dude from N’Sync-ay” is cheesy…(Did he just call JT out?) But, that sample, as simple as it is, is brilliant. I don’t know its source…anybody? That sample = instant smile. Besides, it reminds of something Michael Jackson would be on.

Finally, I really dig “The People” (We need to get a Dwele post on here) and “Misunderstood.” I am usually skeptical when a producer attempts to sample a song as popular, and classic, as Nina’s “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood;” it usually comes off as cheesy or tacky. However, dude does a great job of using that, especially at the end.

Okay, a few points of contention. One, I’m still on the fence with “I Want You.” While the hook is great, the rest of the track nearly bores me, sonically and lyrically. When I see Will.I.Am on a track, I always think “Like That,” which he geeked down…but his stuff is hot and cold for me. This track is warm… Also, I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about “Drivin’ Me Wild.” I really like Lily Allen on the hook. I hear this is set to be the album’s next single, and I think it fulfills the successful single formula. In the end, I’m going to end up liking this song.

Overall, and I’ll keep this short: I really like the album. If you peruse my ‘likes’ versus potential down sides, mathemetically it’s clear that it’s a good album (# of likes > # of points of contention). While it may sound similar to Be, it’s not…it’s Finding Forever. If anything, I interpret the comparison positively. Common & Kanye demonstrate consistency…and in the shoes of such a great album, consistency is an absolute compliment. And let’s be honest, those “points of contention” are minor, and within the context of the entire album, they’re less than conspicuous. They certainly aren’t skipped over…I am easily able to listen go to stop. Like its predecessor, it maintains a continious sound, and it packages it in a succinct, pleasant package to boot. As long as Common keeps producing quality like this, I’ll keep finding him…forever?

Okay, real brief. I listened to Stevie’s Where I’m Coming From today and damn man, “Think of Me As Your Soldier” is killer! Stevie knew how to make a love song! That’s actually a great album, front to back. (See: “If You Really Love Me” & “Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer,” nice way to tie this in with Common, no? Check One Day It’ll All Make Sense and it’ll all make sense. If “Think of Me As Your Soldier” renders the heart weightless, “Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer” drops it right back into your stomach like a boulder. Still beautiful).


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  1. Ivan Says:

    You’ve been blogrolled! ;-D
    Keep it up!

    – Ivan

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