More Stones Throw goodness…


Keeping the Madlib train moving, we also have Percee P’s album to look forward to. As far as I know, Madlib produces it from front to back. Admittedly, I wasn’t put on to Percee until he started appearing on Wildchild & Jaylib releases, but his older stuff is bonafied fire. Not sure why he has never had a full length LP: he’s worked with DITC, Big Daddy Kane, and Pharoahe Monch, to name but a few. Check out Percee slaughtering the beat on “Lung Collapsing Lyrics.” (Track 5) For me, hearing MC Percee P on Jaylib’s “The Exclusive” was a wrap – one of my favorite tracks on that album (which is chock full of classic joints). From previews I’ve heard thus far, Madlib layers a lot of sounds in the album’s production: funky percussions & guitar licks, synthy keys, and soulful samples, on top of it all – he even takes a page from Oh No’s book and samples a video game (I think it’s Contra, but I could be wrong) for “2 Brothers from the Gutter,” which features Diamond D – all in classic Madlib form: predictably unpredictable. “Legendary Lyricist” samples (as far as I can tell) the same Jake Wade & The Soul Searchers song (“Searching For Soul, Pt.1”) that powered Beyonce’s “Suga Mama,” from B-Day, one of the few quality tracks on there. I can only assume that the synthesized “Percee P, Promo” that spots the previews will be absent from the final release.

What can I say? I love the moves Stones Throw makes…truly a record label for the people, by the people. An MLB GM would trade a limb to have the roster Stones Throw has: deep, talented, and varied. Madlib has to be one of the hardest workers in the business – according to this Philadelphia Weekly article, photograhers Eric Coleman & B+ own nearly 40 GBs of unreleased Madlib material! Fourty gigs! My quick calculation puts that at roughly 30 days of music!

In addtion to this Percee P project (slated for a Sept. 18th release), as well as the Beat Konducta in India album, Madlib also has a project with Erykah Badu in the mix, as per Questlove on last week’s Gilles Peterson Worldwide. This brief tidbit made this music listener very happy. Quest also mentioned a project with EB that involved Sa-Ra!


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