Really Feeling “Solitude”


I’ve been singing DP’s “Solitude” to myself all week:

“Do you know… the way to my home?”

“Lost and I’m all alone… Lost and I’m all alone…”

“Home is where the heart is… Home is where the heart is…”

The track has a cinematic quality to it, and I really like what Madlib did with it musically. Like many Madlib samples, it’s really hard to figure out where he got the sample, but it sounds like the main sample could be from a kung-fu movie. And there’s these horn samples punching in and out in a subtle way, but enough to preserve their blaxploitation film sound. Lots of movie-ness here.

Like many other places on the album, DP’s vocals are really unstructured, and I like it. He starts out just talking, then slowly and seemingly spontaneously breaks into song (I would go as far as to call it “impromptu“). I also like the chant-like quality of the song; it’s consonant with themes of spirituality he hits on at the beginning of the track. The chanting just adds to its catchy-ness. You’ll be humming it all day. Good track.

PS: I suppose that the lyrics have extra resonance for me, given my current move back home for the summer. The shit is catchy nonetheless, peep it.


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