“Sometimes all you need to get by is a girlie…”


Great advice from Dudley Perkins on “Washedbrainsyndrome;” and the album is full of similar life lessons (to be taken lightly I assure you). This track is a good representative of A Lil Light’s sound – casually paced (reminds me of a Dr. Dre beat in slow motion), interesting takes on recycled hip hop topics, and catchy hooks (or lack thereof, I haven’t figured it out yet). “Washedbrainsyndrome” is the classic tale of being brainwashed by a girl; and while I’m not a weed smoker, I’m sure it doubles as a classic tale of being brainwashed by weed – and the troubles that girls (or weed) will get a guy into (similar to Mobb Deep’s “Drink Away the Pain”).

I really like DP’s casual, conversational, and introspective style. This is particularly seen on tracks like “Falling,” “Little Black Boy,” & “Solitude.” The former was included on the Stones Throw: 10 Years compilation and works as a Dudley’s eye- & mind-view of the world around him, physical and abstract. It’s tracks like this that give the impression that Madlib would conjure up a beat and play it while DP connected thoughts together; very impromptu.

“Solitude” is kind of like “Falling” Part II: He ponders knowledge and God, two themes that are seen later in the album (“Forevaendless” & “Lord’s Prayer”) as well on his 2006 follow-up, Expressions (2012 A.U.).


One Response to ““Sometimes all you need to get by is a girlie…””

  1. Really Feeling "Solitude" « Trading Tapes Says:

    […] then slowly and seemingly spontaneously breaks into song (I would go as far as to call it “impromptu“). The lyrics quoted above are sung in a chant-like manner, but it’s really catchy. […]

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