Crying over spilled Black Milk


No crying actually. This album is looking more and more likely as if it could be thee album of the spring/summer 2007 (I’m still holding my breath for Pharoah’s Desire). It’s good to see the love pouring in from other bloggers (pun intended)…at least the recognition that Black Milk has that quality in his beats to have some commericial spill-over success (pun intended).

Kyle & I have yet to show any love for the bonus disc which I’ve been bangin’ just as much as the main course. It features a eight instrumentals (and one vocal track) from previous releases, e.g. “Broken Wax,” Pressure,” and one of my favorite BM tracks/beats, “U’s a Freak [Bitch].” The vocal track is featured on BM’s Broken Wax EP, but the instrumental bangs just as hard. You know a producer is doing his thing when the instrumental cuts deserve their own disc.

I’m content to sit back and watch BM’s beats spread like wild fire.



One Response to “Crying over spilled Black Milk”

  1. andre Says:

    Normally, I try to stay away from hip hop artists barely old enough to drink, but this shit is hater-proof.

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