Shades of Dilla


I get the feeling that this is going to be a recurring theme here, and I don’t think that it’s by accident, but I agree with Pete that some of the Dilla-isms on Popular Demand are downright uncanny.

In particular, “Three+Sum” (which I think should have been the B-side on the 12″, or even the next single) sounds like it was ripped from what I think you can imprecisely dub Dilla’s Donuts period (including all those 2005 beat tapes that hit the internet). Pete also aptly points out that the subject-matter is similarly Dilla-tastic.

Tracks like “Sound the Alarm“, on the other hand, remind you more of Dilla’s Welcome 2 Detroit/Ruff Draft period. I challenge anyone to pick up a copy of Ruff Draft, throw on “Reckless Driving“, and tell me that you don’t hear the similarities to “Sound the Alarm.” Even the hook-writing is eerily similar.

I’ll look for the quote, but I recall one reviewer describing Milk’s beats as J Dilla without the idiosyncrasies. I think that’s right on point. His shit is just a little more polished, and just may be a litlte more palatable for mainstream hip-hop audiences. We’ll see.


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