Black Milk’s Commercial Viability


Son… you read my mind with that suggestion that Milk’s shit could really get commercial run. I actually even had an entire paragraph on that written in my intro, but deleted because I wanted to talk about it later and in greater depth.

It’s just that his shit bangs like an Aftermath beat, but it’s even grimier; you can’t tell me that the streets won’t feel that. While it’s probably for the better that Milk’s Lloyd Banks collabo never got released (the LP flopped, and Banks is hardly an emcee to showcase Milk’s production), but it’s an inkling of the potential major label support this kid could get.

Bottom line: he could lace tracks for 50 Cent right now; they would make some real hood shit. But does he want to? That is, if you had the choice, is 50 the right major label artist to hook up with at this moment, if you’re Milk, and you want to get paid making some of his raw shit? Is G-Unit on its way out? If so, then who is the right person to hook up with? Jay? Nas? T.I.?


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