RE: Black Milk’s Commercial Viability


Bottom line: he could lace tracks for 50 Cent right now; they would make some real hood shit. But does he want to? That is, if you had the choice, is 50 the right major label artist to hook up with at this moment, if you’re Milk, you want to get paid making some of his raw shit? If not, then who is? Jay? Nas? T.I.?

I was going to go this route but I wanted to keep my original post brief. 50 Cent was the exact artist that came to mind to. Not so much because of his lyrical dexterity, but he seems the prototypical artist one may consider to hit the major circuit. (And, not for nothing, but 50 usually does a good job picking beats…particularly for his singles). But, off your suggestion, I think T.I. would be a good fit. He has a lazy flow that may work really well with a Black Milk beat.


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