Black Milk – “Popular Demand”


Black Milk – “Popular Demand”
Fat Beats (2007)

Detroit is trying to take over right now… You probably been feeling Black Milk‘s work for years, but didn’t even know it. The 24-year-old producer/emcee out of the D has been producing for Slum Village since 2002 as part of the B.R. Gunna production team.

When I heard the “internet goin’ nuts” over Black Milk, I was skeptical, but very interested given all the hype. (I was sleeping on the B.R. Gunna connection).

I first checked out his promo mixtape, “Pressure” (free download), when it dropped a month or two ago. But I really couldn’t get into it because there wasn’t enough Milk on there (it featured a lot of his Slum Village production) and the mix was very poor.

However, when I finally got my hands on his new LP “Popular Demand” I was blown away. I feel stupid, but I’ll admit it: I slept on this cat.

The sound evokes a post-Tribe Dilla… that grittier, synthy sound that he ushered in on “Welcome to Detroit” and kept going into “Donuts” and whatever else remains of his library. Make no mistake these beats BANG, and they have that drunken griminess that Detroit is becoming known for.

Moreover, this kid has real talent as an emcee. Milk has this amazing presence on the mic and shows some versatility with his flow. As for the content of his lyrics, I’ll let him explain (hat tip:

[M]ost of my lyrical content be on some regular s**t, everyday s**t that you would hear from Jay-Z or any n***a on the radio. I talk about chicks and havin’ nice s**t and stuff like that. It’s just that them the type of beats I like to make. But the raps, they regular. I’m not a really a so-called “conscious” or “political” type rapper, that’s cool, but that’s not really me. Detroit, we the type of city where there’s a lot of street s**t goin’ on, a lot of negativity. I’mma rap about a lot of the s**t that go on here in the D, which is not no pretty type city. [Laughs] It’s a lot of f**ked up s**t goin’ on…like anywhere else.

While I feel like Pete’s pick was an experimental choice, and a good one at that (it really challenged us), this is one of those guaranteed bangers that will also be fun to delve into, but in a different kind of way.

I’ve provided here a two-part interview Milk did with Here, he’s on his home turf, and he shows his recording set-up, messes with some beats, and just talks shop. It’s a must-see.

I also reccomend checking out his interview with the Red Bull Music Academy. Those guys always put together an in depth program for real beat heads.


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    […] so well, that their lyrics aren’t lyrics; they are part of the beat. I watch those videos Kyle posted of BM toying around with a beat, and he’s nodding his head; listening for the slightest sound […]

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