Hip-Hip going underground?


I think that was an interesting article, particularly in the context of some of the thoughts Kyle & I have traded over the previous week; plus it includes some great quotes, e.g. ‘”I’m not removed from it, but I can’t really tell the difference between Young Jeezy and Yung Joc. It’s the same dumb stuff to me,’ says Duncan-Smith, 33.” Hilarious.

Some thoughts I have for hip-hops future:

  1. It’s not dead or dying. Instead, (and in light of some the statistics Kyle highlighted), we may see a retreat to the underground. As “popular” as some hip-hop is, there may be (and I’m speculating) a population of artists that strengthens as the public image of hip-hop seemingly continues to worsen; mainly artist whom share similar sentiments that Napolean presents on The Life We Chose.
  2. In line with a string of underground releases (Ohmega Watts, Lushlife, Kero One, Jneiro Jarel, etc.), there seems to be a movement back to the sound and style of the “Golden Era” of hip-hop. There have been some traces of this in commercial releases, but I guess only time will tell if this movement will reach the popular level of aboveground acknowledgment.
  3. As Kyle said, hip-hop has been written off in the past; similarly, its identifiable sound has gone through changes. Historically, we may simply be at a point where a shift is occurring – whether or not that is spurred by the negative public image is debatable.
  4. KRS-One says: Lesson 3 for how to be an emcee “might be contradictory or funny, but emcees should have other ways of gettin’ money, that’s to say learn other things besides music, make money elsewhere, so hip-hop, you won’t abuse it.” – “Health, Wealth, & Self” from KRS-One

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