I don’t think you can possibly say that Run-DMC would sell records now (for that matter, neither could the Beatles). But make no mistake, they were getting paid out the ass. They were all over MTV. We’re talking about Russell Simmons and Def Jam, son. Need I say more? They were major label before anyone else was.

Rather, I cited Run-DMC only for the proposition that emcees who will say-anything-that-sounds-hot-over-the-beat have a long and well-respected history in hip-hop, and many artists from the south do, in fact, fit right into that tradition.

ADDENDUM: And about innovativeness not paying off in today’s game, I hear people spit that all of the time, I don’t think it stands up to the facts. Some of the most successful artists in the game today are what I’d call innovators: Kanye, Pharell, Timbo, Dre, Missy, Outkast. It’s just that, because the market for hip-hop has expanded, for every Kanye there are now two other crappy rappers making money. But as long as Kanye or Pharrell still exist, the genre still moves forward, and our beloved hip-hop is not at risk of dying.

World history is full of virtuoso artists that never got paid a dime for their work, yet they were not dissuaded from producing masterpieces, and we were all eventually better off for it; tis the tragic nature of art. I see hip-hop the same way. Just because ISWHAT?! or Little Brother will never sell a million records doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s some cancer in hip-hop. It’s unfortunate in some moral sense, but it’s hardly the crisis that everyone tries to make it (usually the broke rappers).


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