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After a couple weeks of listening, my general feeling about ISWHAT?! is that they’re probably better live. With that being said, the two live tracks on “The Life We Choose” are solid, with my favorite being “Pilgrimage.”

ISWHAT?! – “Pligrimige” (iTunes)

Napoleon really rips it up with the beat box here, and the scratches are on point (contrast this with the rather generic scratches and beatboxing on “Casket”). Really, everybody comes with it on this energetic track, and it’s just evidence that these guys must be an interesting act to catch live.

Napoleon notes at the outset that this track is an interpretation of Andrew Lamb’s “Pilgrimage.” Once you go back to the original, it’s obvious that the beatboxing on this track is mimicking the brash rhythms on the Andrew Lamb track. And he does one heck of a job with a difficult task.

This has been one of my favorites so far, and I highly recommend it.



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