I tried to make that point in opening and closing my previous post: there is a spectrum and I do welcome representatives across the different styles. I acknowledge the lyrics of songs like Dilla’s “Crushin’.” I enjoy songs like that. Not every artist has to be on some avant-garde tip; each style of hip hop has its claim to the genre and setting, e.g. the jeeps, the clubs, a lounge, the opera house etc. My beef is with the flooding of “popular” hip hop that is overly materialistic, and misogynistic; the most accessible in my opinion. There seems to be a factory line that has been established that uses money, and elevation of status (possibly seated in some deeper need achievement) to perpetuate a specific theme/model. I think you referred to it correctly as “cookie cutter.” My main problem is not that there are some lesser talented/versed/virtuoso artists getting record deals…My fundamental issue is that this is the predominant music that young children are exposed to. This issue is obviously larger than the artists themselves.

As Jeru said, “This bullshit is so bullshit, I never wanna hear this bullshit on the radios, or in my children’s ears, cause it’s bullshit…”

By the way, I think the game show idea is golden.


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