The Scream Track


I agree with Kyle that the wailing is incongruous. A bit drawn out? Yeah. I think its placement within “Circus” is appropriate but I think it could have conveyed its message in about a quarter of the time. Surprisingly, I’ve yet to skip it; but being as it’s at the end of the track, it will be easy to do so when the time comes…

I think whatever point Napolean was trying to make, he lyrically does an excellent job of doing so…recall the disturbing imagery of the mighty lion’s roar being stifled by the “tamin’ & train’.” It reminds me of the grotesque imagery Hesse uses in Steppenwolf when his reverses the roles, and has the rabbit (similarly) taming the wolf.

Lyrically, “Circus” is one of my favorite tracks. I love the basslines too, add to the mood…as for the wailing woman, I think the album is still new enough to me that it still holds some intrigue factor. The wailing may be permissible on a track like this, which isn’t necessarily made for radio play, or to be bumped in the jeep; and while it may deviate from the overall sound of the album, in a way, it makes sense among some of the instrumental arrangements (or perceived lack thereof) on the album.



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